Services for Individuals

  • Essential CEO Communication Skills
  • Media Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Communications Skills

Essential CEO Communication Skills

Essential CEO Com Skills: 1.5-3 hours

Pulling from various communications disciplines, this training is designed for managers and above who would like to hone their communications skills and maximize relationships in a business environment.  Training can be tailored to the client's specific needs, and topics typically include highlights from:

  • Board Room Communications

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Speech Writing

  • Basic Media Relations  

  • Leading Small Groups

  • Vision Creation

  • Message Development

  • Optimizing Decision Making Patterns

  • Inter-gender Communications

  • Intercultural Communications

Standard Price:  $300-$500

Professionals at KerrComm have trained over a thousand people from all backgrounds on how to engage the media and effectively deliver messages that make the news.  This training enables you to smoothly interact with the press, and can help you to not only survive media interviews, but to turn every media engagement into an opportunity to get your messages to the public.  Three levels of training are offered, with the full training involving an emersion experience in a functioning television studio with scenarios tailored to your profession and take-home tools to help you continue to develop your skills.   

Media Training

Level One Media Training: 2 hours

One hour and 15 minute PowerPoint briefing tailored for your specific needs and including graphs, embedded video clips and short discussions, followed by a short break and then half an hour of targeted message development.  Trainer comes having researched client and understanding specific media needs.  This level is designed to “get your feet wet” and prepare you for a broad range of media encounters.  Topics covered include:

  • Who the media are and how they choose what is newsworthy

  • Reporter mentality and why it matters

  • Why we need to talk to the media

  • When to accept and when to reject media interviews

  • Media frames and how you can take advantage of them

  • Message development—getting YOUR points across

  • How to prepare for a media interview and a checklist

  • Appearance on camera

  • Interview types and tips for success

  • Morning show

  • Edited interview (video and print)

  • Remote interview

  • Controversial/hostile interviews

  • Press Conferences

  • Media “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

  • Media Techniques and tools to get the interview and coverage you want

  • Common media traps and how to avoid them

    Optional topics: Radio interviews, how to invite and host the press, the PR pitch, letters to the editor, etc.   

                                                                                                                      Level One Standard Price:  $550*


Level Two Media Training: 3 hours

Includes all of level one, and often incorporates optional instructional areas.  After message development, one or two media actors (or an entire “murder board” as needed) interview the client to test the learning.  Answers are then evaluated on the spot, critique is given, and media messages are further refined.  This level is for the client who is fairly certain they may be contacted by the media, and can be tailored for particular media engagements.  Add $50 for each additional media-actor desired, and add $50 for each additional clients needing simultaneous training.

                                                                                                                           Level Two Standard Price:  $850*


Level Three (Full) Media Training: One day (typically about 6-7 hours)

This is the full media training, recommended for CEOs and others in positions of responsibility who may need to represent their companies to the media.  Training includes all of level one instruction, any optional areas desired, as well as more in-depth message development discussion.  After the initial 2 hours of multimedia and interaction-driven instruction, clients typically go to lunch and then return for the afternoon session in a fully functional television studio.  Breaks are catered with refreshments and drinks.  Clients undergo over 2 hours of interviews and critique sessions in the studio.  Clients experience a functional TV studio environment with 3-4 producers/directors, 3 camera operators/floor personal and at least 8 trained media actors.  All interviews are tailored to the client’s issues, and messages are tested by realistic scenarios.  Clients graduate with a certificate of training, a book on media engagement, and a DVD copy of the entire experience for their future review and refresher training.  This is world class media training at an affordable price, as Sally Stewart in her book Media Training 101 (2004) writes that a half day session of media training usually costs “anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000” (p.8).  Multiple clients from your organization can be trained or simply attend this training for a small additional fee.

                                                                                                                          Level Three Standard Price:  $7,250*


* Prices shown are baseline figures that can be negotiable depending on client needs and means.  Adjustments can be made to tailor training for client requirements and budgets, and extended payment plans are available.  Discounts and grants are also available to religious and non-profit organizations. 

Public Speaking Training

Public speaking ranks just above snakes and death as the most feared activity in America, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little coaching and practice, almost anyone can learn to deliver effective public orations.  Professionals at KerrComm have written and delivered hundreds of speeches with topics ranging from motivational to funeral eulogies.   KerrComm can assist you to perfect your content and delivery, and prepare you to be an effective public communicator.

Public Speaking Training: 2 Hours

This non-threatening speech training gives practical skills and highlights important aspects of public oration.  Clients garner skills in public speaking that are not only useful for delivering speeches, but that also have carry-over value in a multitude of communication environments.

Topics include:

  • Speech Topic selection and research
  • Speech organization
  • Tips for helping your speech writer
  • Gaining audience attention
  • Speech Flow
    • Introductions
    • Conclusions
    • Transitions
  • Persuading and motivating people
    • How to keep the audience interested
    • How to ensure they remember your points
  • Delivery
    • Elements of Voice
    • Paralinguistics
    • Nonverbals
  • Visual Aides
  • Involving your audience
  • Tips on communication competence
  • Lowering Speech Anxiety

Standard Price:  $500


Public Speech writing and development: Varies

KerrComm professionals can help your next speaking engagement be a great success by assisting with speech writing or editing, to include research services as required.  Employing numerous communications professionals with PhDs in rhetoric and related oratory competencies, KerrComm also offers clients the ability to deliver speeches and have them instantaneously critiqued and improved.  Last minute speech preparation services are often able to assist clients even on late notice, allowing clients to hone and perfect their content and delivery.

 Standard Price:  Contact us for a free estimate

Interpersonal Communications Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training: 1-2 hours
We all desire a work place that is pleasant, and we understand more work is accomplished in positive environments.  With 80% of all company crises starting within the company rather than from external forces, and an increasingly diverse workforce, learning to get along not only enhances productivity but may also be seen as essential for crisis prevention.  KerrComm assists clients to best harmonize diversity, elevate job satisfaction, improve worker performance, and implement strategies to connect with diverse personalities and bring out the best in people.  Training in personality sensitivity develops positive working environments that translates into enhanced customer service and powerful business alliances.  Topics that may be included:


  • What are they

  • How are they formed

  • How are they measured/what types are there

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®:
      Behavior based; uses eight major categories (Extrovert, Introvert, Sensate, Intuitive, Thinking, Feeling, Judging, Perceiving)

    • DiSC®: Behavior based; uses four categories (Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness)

    • Hartman’s Color Code®: Motivation/inner drive based; uses four colors to represent main motivations (Red — Power, Blue — Intimacy, White — Peace, Yellow — Fun).

  • How to get along with difficult people

Personality/Generation/Gender conflicts

  • Allowing room for disagreement

  • Gender differences in communication patterns

  • Trusting and being trusted

  • Listening and hearing

  • Nonverbal communication

  • Partnering and team building

  • The subtle art of persuasion

  • Integration of different ages/generations in the workforce

Note: This training is designed to give professionals a broader awareness of their own communications and develop a repertoire of interpersonal skills.  These skills often have application in business, social and private life.  However, skills training is not designed to take the place of professional counseling, nor do we offer ongoing group sensitivity training which is recommended for more substantial change and personal insight.

Standard Price:  Contact us for a free estimate