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  • Leadership Development

  • Group Communication

  • Intercultural Communications Training

Leadership Development

Leadership Development: Duration depends on project

Good leaders are always looking for ways to improve.  While some of this drive may originate from a desire to excel personally, most good leaders know that their actions affect many others, and it is their concern to assist others that drives them to personal development.  Leadership development varies from administering various style surveys and skills training to personal coaching live and via mediated conversations.  If you want to know the basics, brush up your skills, or take it to the next level, KerrComm can help develop your leadership skills to maximize your potential and raise your productivity and success.

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Group Communications

Group Communication: Varies; typically 1-3 hours

Most people are a part of at least 15 groups at any given moment.  Leaders in organizations often manage half a dozen groups a day, and sometimes feel the time is less productive than it could be.  This training is geared to assist leaders to be able to lead efficient and productive groups that enjoy each other and can creatively tackle any task.  Exact subjects are tailored to client needs, and may include:

  • Understanding group dynamics

  • The essential factors to balance in any group

  • Roles and leadership emergence

  • Dealing with various difficult personalities in groups

  • Setting an agenda to maximize group productivity

  • Establishing optimum group environments

  • Leading teams

  • Avoiding groupthink

  • Optimal decision making

  • Competition vs cooperation

  • Power in groups 

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Intercultural Communications

Intercultural Communications Training: 1-4 hours

Anthropologists Edward and Mildred Hall once said “…the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture."  Communications advancements are shrinking the world, and organizations are increasingly gaining international clientele and forging alliances with organizations in other countries.  Miscommunications due to cultural differences can result in months of delays and even losing deals and business.  Basic intercultural skills training can improve working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from other cultures, building trust and resulting in long-term mutually beneficial relationships.  Subjects covered may include:

  • What is culture?
  • US cultural blind spots
  • Value dimensions
    • Individualism vs collectivism
    • Low vs high distance
    • Weak vs strong predictability
    • Masculinity and femininity
    • Low vs high context
  • Why do people save face?
  • Places of tension (especially for Americans)
  • Language
  • Power
  • Formality
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Business structures and organization
  • Proper etiquette and protocol
  • Rules and taboos
  • Specific country and culture overviews

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Intercultural Communications Immersion Training: 1-3 hours

Need help with a specific culture?  KerrComm has many professionals who have spent significant time in various foreign countries, and who can provide in-depth training for specific cultures.  Having a conference in China?  Going on a business trip to Germany?  Brush up on cultural specifics and be ready to excel on your next intercultural excursion.


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