Public Speaking Training

Public speaking ranks just above snakes and death as the most feared activity in America, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little coaching and practice, almost anyone can learn to deliver effective public orations.  Professionals at KerrComm have written and delivered hundreds of speeches with topics ranging from motivational to funeral eulogies.   KerrComm can assist you to perfect your content and delivery, and prepare you to be an effective public communicator.


Public Speaking Training: 2 Hours

This non-threatening speech training gives practical skills and highlights important aspects of public oration.  Clients garner skills in public speaking that are not only useful for delivering speeches, but that also have carry-over value in a multitude of communication environments.

Topics include:

¯  Speech Topic selection and research

¯  Speech organization

¯  Tips for helping your speech writer

¯  Gaining audience attention

¯  Speech Flow

o   Introductions

o   Conclusions

o   Transitions

¯  Persuading and motivating people

o   How to keep the audience interested

o   How to ensure they remember your points

¯  Delivery

o   Elements of Voice

o   Paralinguistics

o   Nonverbals

o   Visual Aides

¯  Involving your audience

¯  Tips on communication competence

¯  Lowering Speech Anxiety

Standard Price:  $500


Public Speech writing and development: As required

KerrComm professionals can help your next speaking engagement be a great success by assisting with speech writing or editing, to include research services as required.  Employing numerous communications professionals with PhDs in rhetoric and related oratory competencies, KerrComm also offers clients the ability to deliver speeches and have them instantaneously critiqued and improved.  Last minute speech preparation services are often able to assist clients even on late notice, allowing clients to hone and perfect their content and delivery.


Standard Price:  Contact us for a free estimate